About Me

Training and Degrees: I received my bachelors in science in Marketing from Clemson University.  While at Clemson I worked as an assistant football chaplain and was in charge of athlete mentoring and team bible studies.  After several years working with college athletes I decided to pursue a Master degree in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.  While earning my degree I worked with men struggling with addiction, trauma, and abuse at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission.  After completing my degree and clinical internship in 2013 I opened my private practice and began working at Opal: Food and Body Wisdom, an eating disorder treatment facility in the U-District.  At Opal, I helped clients understand and transform their relationship to movement, exercise, and sports and began creating an integrative movement and body psychotherapy.  In 2016 I moved into full-time private practice and became a W.I.T.S Certified Personal Trainer to supplement my work with the body and movement. All these experiences have deeply shaped my understanding of the complex and diverse challenges that each of my clients are hoping to address.  I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LH 60604834) and am a registered service provider in the state of Washington.


Counseling Orientation: 7.28.2012 - Amanda and Knox (Favs)-233Over the years, I’ve experienced psychotherapy as a means to heal and change the mind, body, and soul in all kinds of ways.   The therapeutic process is a unique relational experience that invites everyone involved to live more freely and genuinely in the world.  Deep seated beliefs and cognitions change, emotions and hopes awaken, and rigid behaviors and obsessions find peace.  All these outcomes are vitally important, and yet, they are ultimately only shadows of a much greater reality of transformation.  The heart and power of the process of therapy revolves around an experience with unconditional Love.  Each of us were meant to have our deepest and most vulnerable self cared for and blessed in relationship.  Love was meant to be our birthright and a well from which we could extend outward in blessing others.  Each of us have experienced something of this reality, but we have also been marked with many failures of love throughout our lives.  These failures, and the relationships that birthed them, often hold us captive from being able to live into our truest selves and calling.  Therapy is a place where we open ourselves to explore the influence of these relationships and simultaneously to a new experience in therapy.  As each client comes to terms with what has been in the past they experience something new in the present, and are able to move into new ways of thinking, feeling, and being in their world.  My hope for each client is that they would be transformed in their inner-most being and that the fruit of that transformation would change their lives, relationships, and world.