Experiential Movement and Body Therapy

Have you ever struggled to do something you know you should do?


Have you ever struggled to stop doing something that you knew was harmful to you?

Regardless of background or history, every single one of us has a complicated relationship to our body and its’ sensations and desires.  I often hear people reflecting that their body seems to “have a mind of its own” and that they feel tremendous shame for not being able to white knuckle their way into any other feeling or sustained behavior.  We are often so aware of the disconnection between our body (emotion+sensations+desires) and our mind (cognition+thoughts+beliefs) yet so deeply confused at why these realities exist in us.

Experiential movement and body therapy uniquely addresses this body/mind disconnect + confusion and puts it in the forefront of therapy in a format that allows both parts to “speak”.  Through play, movement, and unique body experientials each client begins to explore what their body is literally + symbolically communicating about their experiences and relationships.

Sessions are very exploratory and playful.  Clients begin to imagine, through the assessment process, how they have come to know their body and begin connecting this knowledge to significant events, people, and cultural influences.  As each individual begins to understand these dynamics they begin to explore how to live, express, and enjoy their bodies in new and honoring ways.  By engaging and repairing the confusion and disconnect in our being we can be fully released to freedom and embodiment.  Read about this work HERE!

This treatment modality is great for anyone who is struggling to feel or express themselves in life.  It is also really wonderful for athletes or performers whose worth is deeply connected to their body’s ability to “do” something perfectly.