General Counseling

I offer individual counseling to adult men and women, and adolescents.  I specialize in working with healing the underlying issues that create emotional and relational distress in life. Instead of focusing on the symptoms of what is happening in my clients lives (whether that be anxiety, depression, addictions, anger, eating disorders etc…), I help each person begin to understand and address the deeper narratives driving them to do what they do. These places of wounding and trauma are ultimately what drives us to illness and when healed is the catalyst for our transformation. Through the years I’ve done lots of work with emotional and relational struggle, addiction, food/body/movement issues, anger, and trauma/abuse/neglect.  I am also experienced in working with individuals who are interested in exploring spirituality or have been wounded by the Church or other religious organizations.

My desire is to free up each person to be their most vibrant and creative self so that they can genuinely engage others and this world for good.

My regular rate is 150 dollars per session and each session lasts 50 minutes in length.  I offer a limited amount of sliding scale openings for clients who cannot afford the regular rate.

For more information, please call or email me @ 425.202.5716 or