Scheduling & Rates

Please contact me for information on scheduling times and counseling or consulting rates. Sessions are normally done at the same time each week for each client. However, In order to meet the ever changing schedules of athletes I will do my best to accommodate requests made in advance. For client’s on the road, I offer either phone or video chat options if weekly face to face meetings are impractical.

My hope is to create space for every client and their specific needs and financial situations. For counseling services my rate is 120 dollars per session (50 minute session). I offer a few sliding scale spots for clients who are currently unable to pay the normal rate. These rates are agreed upon by myself and each client prior to the beginning of our second session and reviewed every few months.  I accept cash, check, or Square Cash ( if you want to use a card.  Note: There is an additional processing fee (2.75%) if one chooses to use a card.